About Olivia
Hi everyone,
My name is Olivia and I am a Certified Personal Trainer with Manitoba Fitness Council based in Winnipeg, Canada.  I am engaged to a wonderful man and have two sweet cats and a lively dog and I have always had a dream to help others get fit and healthy.
It all started with a career in the Health Food Industry, beginning in retail stores selling supplements and health foods in both Canada and New Zealand.  I then moved on to being a Sales Representative for a fantastic company that makes Canadian made supplements and snack foods.  I decided to take some courses in my free time to further my knowledge of health and fitness, which made me realize that helping others become fit and healthy feels AWESOME, hence starting Olivia Retter Fitness.
My ultimate goal is to help you get in shape and feel great.  I personally know what it feels like to walk into a gym and not know where to start.  I know that for some people, motivation comes from being around a group of like minded people who are trying to achieve a similar goal.
If this sounds like you, I can help you get your fitness on track!
Olivia Retter